Are you interesting in joining our triathlon club or want to find out more information about the triathlon sport? Is joining a triathlon a long-term goal for you?

We at Topeka Triathletes welcome all members both old and new. You can become a member of Topeka Triathletes when you contact us as we will guide you in how to train and the level you are in.

All new members all welcome to join the club where you can meet us and take part in training sessions that include swimming, cycling, and running with our team of experienced coaches who are ready to help you reach your full potential.

Even if you don’t want to learn to swim but enjoy running or cycling, a duathlon may interest you. We hold a number of races that occur all year long. Groups of all ages are welcome to visit and train with us as we encourage everyone to reach their fullest potential in one of the best growing sports in the world.

Whatever your reason for joining may be; Topeka Triathletes are here to help you meet your triathlon race day goal! Our members and coaches are readily available to answer all your questions in joining our triathlon club and discuss our sessions with you!
Contact Topeka Triathletes and sign up today!